Stop anthropomorphizing technology.

Stop Anthropomorphizing AI

#chatgpt doesn’t want to be your friend. LLMs don’t get lonely. #ai is not sentient.

If you are a leader who is charged with understanding the future direction of #ai in your organization, you need to stop building your knowledge solely by reading sensational articles on LinkedIn and other “newsy” sites. There’s no better time to level up and focus on resources from industry experts to get you up to speed and give you the tools you need to make real, logical decisions on what AI can do for you.

Here are a few of my favorites, mostly podcasts, both at the beginner/intermediate level as well as advanced level.

Practical AI podcast
Approachable discussions of AI from the operational and technical level. Their latest episode with Beth Rudden of has a fantastic discussion on LLMs!

AI Today Podcast
Discussions of AI that lean to the non-technical, project management aspects of AI. Cognylitica, the organization responsible for the podcast, has a certification, CPMAI (Cognitive Project Management for AI), which can help leaders and project oriented folks get a handle on how to implement AI projects, including a focus on ethics.  They currently have a series called the “AI Glossary Series”, to help get you up to speed on the language of AI.

Super Data Science Podcast
One of the best podcasts, in my opinion. Dr. Jon Krohn makes Data Science and AI approachable with his friendly interview style. With topics that range from deep technical discussions, to operationalizing and governing AI, this podcast is a must listen regardless of your current knowledge level or focus.

Open Data Science Conference
Mostly technical discussions and training in AI. Through AI+ their training content spans from beginner to advance, including live training opportunities and a popular conference.

Advanced resources

Machine Learning Street Talk
MLST is your go to if you want to get into the philosophical and technical aspects of AI. The videos are often multiple hour, deep discussions with AI luminaries.

Learning Deep Learning (book)
Magnus Ekman
Learn how DL works at a technical level by developing solutions in Python, both with and without libraries to help. The book is from the NVIDIA DLI. (NOT an affiliate link)

Deep Learning Illustrated (book and link to github repo with code and videos)
Dr. Jon Krohn
Yes, I’m a Dr. Krohn fan boi! Another great technical review of DL and how to use it. Dr. Krohn also has courses on ODSC as well as Udemy. (NOT an affiliate link)

Deep Learning (book)
Ian Goodfellow and Yoshua Bengio and Aaron Courville
THE book on #deeplearning. Completely free, this gets WAY down into the weeds, teaching the maths that drive DL.  Did I mention it’s FREE?