Rusty Docker – Configuring Containers For Rust Applications

I’m working on a project to really get Rust under my fingers. It uses Diesel and Axum to provide database and web […]

Your LeetCode rank is impressive (but you’re a terrible engineer)

A great LeetCode ranking doesn’t make you a Software Engineer. Yet this is how many companies decide who to hire. LeetCode problems. […]

HCIT, amirite?

It’s easy to discount, or lose sight of, the experience of a technology worker who isn’t working in a product company, publically […]

Diesel-rs to SQL Type Conversions

While working with Diesel-rs, I wanted an easy to use chart to understand the conversions between SQL types and Rust types. This post fills that need.

We celebrate the wrong leaders

Let’s start telling the stories of the quiet, competent leaders who create lasting impact, not just flashy headlines.

Machine vs. Human, Level 1

Are you humanizing technology and dehumanizing staff?

HordeDestroyer – Game Previs

I began building the assets for a game I had imagined. While the game does have a single working level, development stopped. […]

Stop anthropomorphizing technology.

#chatgpt doesn’t want to be your friend. LLMs don’t get lonely. #ai is not sentient. If you are a leader who is charged with understanding […]

You’re developing policy, and you’re doing it wrong.

Pretty bold statement, I know, hear me out. Did you, alone, write, review, and sign the policy? Unless you’re in a one […]

About us

I love solid design, stable code and having fun. My personal projects include mobile, web and desktop apps, as well as small hardware based on RPi, ESP32, and Arduino.


For work, I manage large enterprisey systems.

Our mission

At Coder.Haus we want to have fun and make cool things. If we also help people make a difference in society, all the better! We’ll never shy away from a challenge, and seek these opportunities to grow.

Our history

I started my love of technology back in the 1980s fixing VCRs and cassette decks. Along the way I learned how to code, and at some point figured out how to combine my love of hardware and software. I have helped build electronics manufacturing and repair companies, written mobile apps for the enterprise, and designed and implemented integration solutions that provide real time data to patients and clinical staff.


A few years ago my son joined me in my love for technology. From gaming to making, to 3d and print design, we have helped each other grow in depth and breadth.


We are industry experts with more than 15 years of experience.
Technobabble / Jay

I appreciate solid, simple design. I have overseen the implementation of small systems used by dozens, to large enterprise systems, both on-prem and private/public cloud.

I relax by reading, coding (python and C++ are fun!), and hanging with the fam. I have too many gadgets. I also love the smell of solder (almost as much as the smell of tacos).


I ride, I read, I code.

Design and Inspiration / Ryan

Art is my jam. Video games are my life.